Bluebeam Revu for Mac

Bluebeam Revu for Mac 2.0

Simple. Reliable. Powerful.

The essential PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities of Bluebeam® Revu®, designed and built especially for macOS®.

Bluebeam Comparison chart - Compare features for each edition of Bluebeam Revu

Markups List

All your markups appear in an integrated, customisable list for easy tracking and simple creation of PDF markup summary reports.

Tool Chest

Save and organise custom markups and measurements for easy reuse, and share them with colleagues to streamline communication.

Simpler navigation

Streamlined panel views, a new Studio Project interface and customisable keyboard shortcuts make it easy.

Bluebeam Studio

Document management and real-time collaboration are built right into Revu for Mac.


Does Revu Mac have all the same features as Revu for Windows?
The most commonly used features from Revu Windows are available on Revu Mac. However, we’ll continue to update the software to include the features that Windows customers know and love. Check out our complete Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite Revu features are currently available in Revu Mac.

Will customers be able to run Revu for Windows on a Mac if they don't choose to purchase Revu Mac?
Yes, Mac users can run Revu or Vu for Windows using Boot Camp or Parallels.

Does Revu Mac have profiles and toolbars for specific workflows or industries?
Revu Mac does not currently offer Profiles. However, Revu Mac does include Edit, Shapes and Text toolbars for quick and convenient access.

Which operating system is Revu Mac compatible with?
Revu Mac is only compatible with these operating systems:

  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)
  • OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Can I use Revu Mac on my iPad?
No—however, Bluebeam’s PDF viewing, markup, editing and collaboration apps, Revu iPad and Vu iPad, are both available on the App Store.

Whats the difference between Revu Mac and Revu iPad?
Revu iPad includes some of the most popular features of Bluebeam Revu Mac, enabling you to redline PDFs and collaborate with others on the go. Access and redline PDFs with measurement or markup tools, including your existing tool sets. Additionally, collaborate with project partners across the globe anywhere, anytime, regardless of Internet access, and review the same PDFs together in real time using Bluebeam Studio. Revu iPad does not include all the features found in Revu for Windows or Revu Mac. Our app is designed to provide users with the features they need to document issues and collaborate in the field, without compromising speed. Revu iPad is only available for purchase on the App Store.

Does Revu Mac work with CAD applications and document management software?
Revu Mac does not currently offer any plugins for CAD applications or document management software.

Is Revu Mac localized in other languages?
Revu Mac is currently not available in any other languages

Is Revu Mac available in Standard, CAD and eXtreme editions?
No, Revu Mac is only available in one edition. Check out the comparison chart to learn which of your favorite features from Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme are available in Revu Mac.

Does Revu Mac support PDF forms?
Revu Mac does not currently support PDF forms.

How is Revu Mac licenced?
Revu Mac is available via Perpetual Licensing: a one-time license purchase that is charged on a per-transaction basis. Existing customers can trade in their Revu for Windows licenses at no cost, one for one.